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At AH Photography, I hold the belief that each individual carries a unique narrative, a personal “footprint in time” that deserves to be visually captured, shared, cherished, and enjoyed for years to come. It is both an honour and a privilege for me to be entrusted with the opportunity to narrate your story by preserving the moments of your everyday life into captivating images. Whether it’s documenting the anticipation of pregnancy, the arrival of your newborn, or the unbreakable bonds within your family, AH Photography is recognized for skillfully, tastefully, and flawlessly representing these timeless moments.

Session Options

Session Options

milo and Em

Let's Capture Your Joy

With AH Photography's maternity sessions

family portrait Christmas

Remember the Precious Moments

With Family Portraits

new parents with baby

Hold Your Memories Close

With our Newborn Sessions

Create Memories with

Our Pet Sessions

Let's Capture
Your Joy

With AH Photography’s Maternity Sessions

Hold Your
Memories Close

With Our Newborn Sessions

new parents with baby
family portrait Christmas

Remember the
Precious Moments

With family portraits

Create memories with

With Our Pet Sessions

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What to Wear

1. Have a handful of wraps and simple outfits on hand.

2. Bare feet for the whole family is ideal as we almost always end up on your

bed (as that’s usually a room with great light).

3. Keep in mind any items that are personal to you that you might wish to

include in your newborns session- a knitted blanket from Gran, a teddy from

newly appointed big sister.

4. Have your bed made, a neutral or block colour cover works well and helps

your family and baby stay the focus.


What to Wear

1. Avoid trends. You don’t want to look back in 20 years thinking “why was I

wearing that?!” because something is now out of style. That’s why I prefer just

wearing a simple flowy dress, or jeans and a cute top.

2. Layer and add accessories with a hat, necklace, jacket, scarf or a belt above

your bump.

3. Tight fitted clothing or a dress that accentuates your bump it a must.

4. Be it neutral or pastel tones, block colour or bright patterns, let your outfit

speak your personality. It is important to feel as much like ‘you’ as possible.